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Dochter | 2023

Kika Sprangers X Sander Hagelaar | 2023

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Last Fall | 2022

I'm Trying | 2022

When They Fall @Lynfabrikken | 2021

A Moment of Saturation | 2022

'2009' | 2021

Fluid Current | 2020

So It Goes | 2022

Puff | 2020

Delicate Balance | 2019

Kunstmuseum | Let's Dance | 2019

When They Fall | 2019

All Falls Down 3.0 | DDW18 | 2018

Coldest Winter 525 | 2017

All Falls Down 1.0 | 2017

Coldest Winter | 2018

180 places | 2018

Coldest Winter 455 | 2018

Afd + Samsara | 2019

Soap experiments | 2016


Sander Hagelaar is an experience designer and artist. What fascinates him the most are the materials and movements the natural world encompasses. Harnessing these components, he seeks out the right environments or settings to facilitate these innate occurrences. Anything can happen in this process, which is precisely what he aims for, creating a framework in which the material or movement is free and unpredictable. This endeavor also takes on a social dimension as it is supposed to elicit the same reaction in a child as it would in an adult. Hagelaar’s particularly conceptual and experimental practice often channels different aspects of physics in “living” objects and installations. His interactive populations can either be kinetic or based on controlled chemical reactions. The shared experiences these projects facilitate also center on the notions of chance and unexpected reactions. The designer often incorporates intangible forces like light, gravity, and air.

instagram: @sanderhagelaar