For this project on mental traveling we as product-design-students were asked; if you can travel anywhere now, which place would you choose?

This was for me an easy question; the first location that popped into my mind was Ecuador. My girlfriend Ilsa was at that moment in Ecuador. She was doing an internship for her study at the Wageningen University, researching soil for a banana plantation. So the physical place I chose, was Ecuador and, bridging the physical distance, my mental place was being together. My way of getting closer to her was researching what she did. I found out that the important quality attributes of good soil were the pore and the filtration of water. I took these two qualities as my starting points and from that explored how to connect us. She is interested in physical properties and I searched along that line. I found that the air that I breath differs in density compared to the air she breath and the filtration of light differs as well from Holland to Ecuador. Breathing of air and light filtration are combined in this light installation; projecting, with variable strength (using the build in diaphragm), air in bubbles by shining separate lights.