resourcefulness 2015

A lot of people are creative all the time, without even noticing they are. In our daily life we tackle problems or obstacles in a very creative way. We don’t just follow the paths they made for us, but we make our own. When a product is used by the consumer, the fantasy and the resourcefulness of the consumer can give other interpretations to the product. We become more creative at the moment an object doesn’t fulfil to our needs. We have to come up with a quick solution.


How would you light a candle, when you have no candleholder?

How would you eat soup, when you have no spoon?


Guided by our intuition we create solutions for that specific moment. Most of the time these solutions are clever yet simple, because we use the accessible tools and materials we are surrounded by. We give them an other function by putting it in another context.


The resourcefulness of every individual is determined by the personal background. For example; the influence of the surroundings you grew up in, the people you have met and the education you have attended. Each individual has other knowledge and because of that an other way of thinking. This personal background also plays an intersesting part in the creative solutions you come up with.


Resourvefulness installation in the Hybrids exhibition in Showroom Arnhem. Our installation is composed of three spaces. First spaces is a private space where people can discover there resourcefulness, second space is where we 'capture' the resourcefulness and the third space is were we exhibition the resourcefulness.

Video research ''Resourcefulness'

Manuscript after the first week of the project Hybrids

This project is a collaboration with Andrea Bos, Ilse van Stokkum en Michelle Ponsteen