My name is Sander Hagelaar and I am designer from Amsterdam, born in 1991.

I like to incorporate in my work elementary materials, such as light and wind, to make intangible tangible.



Graduated from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in January 2018


founder of DUX,


Curriculum vitae




Pieke Bergmans




2016 Transit/ion, Scent(-ing) - Showroom Arnhem, CASA

2016 Hybrids, Resourcefulness - Showroom Arnhem, CASA

2015 Please Obese, Oer - Artez Finals

2014 Canal Collection, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

2014 Geur foto, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital Amsterdam

2014 Tulp, top finalists in the Royal Netherlands Embassy’s Dutch Design   Competition, Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.

2013 Lamp, HVA, Sint Nicolaas kerk Amsterdam